Babassu oil - how is it different from other oils?

Healthful properties of oils have been known for a long time. We can observe some kind of "oil boom" and great come back of oils which find wider and wider use in cosmetology. It's hard to choose a particular oil considering that they work relatively similarly. However, there are numerous properties which make some oils stand out among others. The example is babassu oil taken from Brasilian nuts of Cohune palm tree.

What healthful ingredients does it contain?

  • includes about 70% lipids which take part in creation processes of cell membrane
  • it's very safe, non-toxic, doesn't cause allergic reactions or irritations
  • it's full of myristic acid which supports immune system of the whole organism and also regulates anabolism - synthesis of proteins in our system (repairs microdamages of fibres in muscles and reinforces them)
  • contains monounsaturated acid which is natural protection from UV radiation therefore it is used in sunscreen products
  • another valuable saturated acid included in babassa oil is lauric acid which has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties
  • there are even more fatty acids in this oil; three worth mentioning: omega-6 oleic acid which makes hair fibers slick thus improves condtion of our hair; polyunsaturated omega-6 linoleic acid improves metabolism; and Gamma-linolenic acid (polyunsaturated n−3) - the lack of it causes wrinkles
  • contains sigificant amount of phytosterols so it brilliantly regenerates and repairs cells from the inside
  • vitamine E improves blood supply

Healthful properties of babassa oil place it on a very high position among other oils. It's worth to become friends with babassa oil instead of getting used to one particular oil. Our organism likes diversity which we should provide to make it work more effectively.