Homemade babassu oil hair mask.

hair.jpgWeak, dull, fragile hair, with no shine and protection? Most of us has probably gone through these stages many times. Hair does not have easy life. It is constantly exposed to the wind, frost or harsh sun. Dried by a hot air from the bow-dryer. Even untangling it with a comb after each washing can be very harmful as well as constantly stretching it with a rubber band. It is a really hair-raising problem.

Fortunately, there is a reliable and safe way to prevent it. Two or three times a week (or at least during the weekend) apply this mask made of natural and organic ingredients and enjoy the results.

This is what you will need:

  1. Free evening and some peace and quite.
  2. A bowl and a spoon.
  3. A towel and a good shampoo, preferably with SLS
  4. Main characters of the mask:
    • Oil (or more precisely butter) of babassu (1 tablespoon)
    • Argan oil (2 tablespoons)
    • Unrefined coconut oil (1 tablespoon)
    • Distilled water (100 ml)
    • Olive oil emulsifier (1 teaspoon)
    • Vitamin E (a few drops)
  5. A Milk frother. (Yes!)

Put all ingredients in the bowl (with the exception of vitamin E). Solid oils such as butters can be first melted, by heating in a boiling water. Be sure not to immerse them in boiling water, not to deprive them of valuable components. Use a blender to combine all the ingredients together. The entire mass may be a little hot. Put it in a cool, shaded place and wait until it gets cold and starts to harden. After it cools down you can add some vitamin E.

Cooled down conditioner has the consistency of a yogurt. It can be stored in the refrigerator or bathroom in the dark container. The ideal would be a glass jar, washed after a facial cream.

Conditioner can be applied from mid-length hair towards the tips. You should leave it on your hair for 3-4 minutes, then wash it off with a mild shampoo.

The mask can also be used as a 20-minute treatment applied to the hair before washing it. Then, in order to enhance its effects, wrap all your hair in a warm towel and additionally warm the turban up with hot air from the blow-dryer. GOOD LUCK!