Babassu oil in hair care cosmetics. Discover the best ones.

Because of its great properties, Babassu Oil is willingly used in cosmetics for hair and skin all over the body. It contains many vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants. Also, the product acts as a natural sunscreen. Will Babassu Oil take care of your strands and scalp? Find out for yourself!

Babassu oil easily penetrates into the interior of the hair and scalp. It contains vitamin E, which has anti-radical properties and provides beautiful and youthful appearance. It strengthens the hair follicles, prevents hair loss and makes your hair gain twice the volume. Babassu oil used regularly smooths, prevents static and frizz. It facilitates brushing, prevents from the hot air produced by a blow-dryer and protects against solar radiation. If you frequently colour-treat or straighten hair, the products with the content of Babassu Oil are just for you. This component will make your strands moisturised, nourished and nurtured.

Babassu oil is extracted from tropical palm trees, growing in Brazil. It has properties similar to coconut oil. In contact with the skin, it easily melts and applies. This oil is used for the production of skin care cosmetics. Babassu oil should be stored in shady, cool place.

Below, we have prepared for you a list of cosmetics which contain vegetable oils, including Babassu Oil, vitamins, natural sunscreen as well as substances that will boost hair growth. Thanks to them, both your scalp, and your strands will be strengthened and nourished. See for yourself.

Nanoil For Low Porosity Hair

Nanoil hair oil


Did you know that Nanoil hair oil is recommended for both hair and scalp care? The use of Babassu Oil made the product perfectly regenerate and nourish even the most damaged and dehydrated strands. Find out how it can help you and your hair.

How does Nanoil hair with oil the contents of Babassu Oil work? The cosmetic affects both the external and internal structures of strands; also takes care of the scalp. Nanoil smooths and reduces frizz and static, tames unruly wisps and facilitates styling. What is more, oil makes combing easier and prevents strands from hot temperatures, air pollution and harmful components of some preparations. It has antioxidant properties to combat free radicals and protect against UV and harmful external factors. Nanoil hair oil makes creating hairstyles a lot easier, and drying time shorter. Besides, thanks to the product, your hair’s volume will increase, and hair will be raised at the base.

Light texture of Nanoil Hair Oil makes each application take only a few seconds. The cosmetics is easily applied and quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy or stickiy strands without overburdening them. The product with Babassu Oil, contains many valuable ingredients that nourish both hair and scalp. Also, it makes you feel special and beautiful.

Mielle Organics Babassu Oil

Mielle Organics is an oil, which contains many valuable ingredients. The most important is Babassu Oil; its effects are supported by the following oils: rosemary, sunflower, mint, lavender and grapefruit. The product is recommended for the care of dry and damaged hair, curly or wavy, of different lengths.
Babassu oil - mielle organics

Mielle Organics deeply moisturises and regenerates damaged and dry hair. It protects it from further damage and excessive water loss. Contained in the cosmetic babassu oil provides protection against free radicals, sunlight and irritation. Prevents frizz and static, tames unruly strands and deeply nourishes. Moreover, it facilitates styling and combing hair as well as shortens the time required for drying. The cosmetic from Mielle Organics protects and at the same time emphasises natural hair colour, as well as provides a beautiful glow. Apart from babassu oil, fatty acids, amino acids and soy proteins also take care of the condition of your strands.

Mielle Organics oil must be applied after washing to damp hair. After 15 minutes, wash the product off with a shampoo, and allow your strands to air dry. If you want, you can extend the treatment time to 30 minutes; then , thoroughly wash and dry your hair. Mielle Organics can be combined with other nourishing natural products that complement the action of babassu oil. Please note that the product has no artificial ingredients.

L’Biotica BIOVAX Glamour Diamond Oleo Cream

L’biotica BIOVAX Glamour Diamond Oleo Cream is recommended for the care of all hair types, especially dry and damaged. The most important component of the product is the babassu oil. Check to see how this product works and whether it will fall to your taste.

oleo-cream-biovax-diamondIn L’biotica BIOVAX Diamond we will find, (among other things) babassu oil. Thanks to it, your hair will be moisturised, softened and shiny. In addition, the product strengthens hair follicles, prevents hair loss and makes it stronger. Oleo Cream from L’Biotica BIOVAX Diamond smooths strands and prevents static and frizz. The product with the content of babassu oil facilitates combing and protects the ends from splitting. Thanks to this cosmetic, your hair and skin will be nourished, healthy as well as less prone to mechanical and chemical damage. L’Biotica BIOVAX Diamond Oleo Cream has a light texture, which makes it easier to penetrate into the internal structures of the strands without weighing them down or sticking.

L’Biotica BIOVAX Diamond Oleo Cream with Babassu Oil supplements hair care. What is interesting, you can use it as a mask or conditioner. The product can be applied to wet or dry hair. Thanks to such methods of use, your strands will become more shiny and prone to styling. After the application, the cosmetic containing babassu oil is rapidly absorbed and does not require rinsing. L’Biotica BIOVAX Diamond Oleo Cream comes in a tube with a capacity of 125 ml.